About Us

  My name is Robert, I am President of Best In Batteries, Inc. I have been in batteries for 26 years and worked all of them in 2 of the largest battery distributors in the US. I have spent those 26 years wearing a variety of hats along the way -specializing in sales, design of battery packs, management, purchasing and everything else that came my way. I have worked with many of the largest companies in the world in every industry you can think of; Military, Government, Fortune 500 companies, Oil and Gas, Distribution, Aerospace, Medical, Hotels, Government Contracts - You name it, I have worked with it. I enjoyed the journey, the experience and knowledge I have learned is priceless and I am grateful for that. 

  2022 was time for me to fulfil my dreams and start my own small business and that is who Best in Batteries is. We are small family business with many contacts and support from the battery world to be here today to support our customers.  

  We specialize in a variety of batteries for many industries. When you buy from Best In Batteries, rest assured you matter to us as a customer. Contact us today.